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's strongest early voting states. there was a survey, by pew i believe, shows that obama is winning early vote by 7 points, he won is by 16 16, 4 years ago. lou: as we look at numbers, the fox polls the two men are locked up, 46% each. and that happens to be where the real clear politics poll of polls has this race. knotted up, even. with 5 days remaining before the election. your thoughts? >> well, here is the thing, momentum is with mitt romney, storm is a little bit of a bump. his numbers have been going up. and president obama's numbers down. with regard to early voting as well, democrat strategy to get as many people out to vote who are reliable voters while republican strategy to get hard to get voters, those who need that extra nudge, thret gem out first, on election day, it will be republicans with a larger pool of reliable voters to get out, democrats are using them at, i think that momentum is are mitt romney, you see the newspaper endorsement, state after state they went for obama in 08, now mitt romney n 12, you see this in florida, nation alltel graph in new hampshire, in that st
is on in earnest. president obama and a governor romney barnstorming the state of ohio today, a swing state, with 18 electoral votes that could be the key to victory tuesday. four days before we choose who will lead the nation for the next four years, president obama making an outrageous claims about his record in the face of a rise in the unemployment rate today, which had just under 8%, is higher than when the president took office. >> our ideas were tried and tested, and they worked. their ideas were also tried, and they did no work done so well. lou: 23 million americans to remain out of work might disagree. the national debt has risen by more than $5 trillion. the nation's economy, it is all but stagnant. this has governor romney running l as the candidate of change. >> accomplishing change is not just something i talked about. it is something actually done, and we need to have someone in the white house who cannot just talk about it, but do it. lou: the most recent poll of ohio mirrors those tight national polls. rasmussen reports showing governor romney tied with president obama at 4
. now it is larger than what obama won the state by a in 2008. this is a bad sign for president obama, and we see it reflected in the polls as well. if you take a look, allup says 15 percent of the people had voted early. they were breaking for romney by 52-46. this week to reports 19 percent of those surveyed said they had voted. a break for romney by 50-43. obama won the early vote last time around, according to puke, by 19 points or was winning at this point by 19 pois and now he's losing it by sven. that is more than enough to flip the election. lou: two things, if we can g back to your board, immediately apparent command one is that there is a 5-4 margin if i read correctly, democrats over republicans in the early vote in 2008 that ratio was over two times -- two times. >> almost two to one. and we are talking here about less than a 5-4 margin. we are talking about 98,000 difference on the base, and this number will continue to grow. there will be probably, the republicans are probably going to narrow that gap between the two to someere around 85 or 90,000 votes. and i repeat, o
ratcheting up as well. both the art crossing of swing states for those who could decide the election. obama's is sitting three swing states today bad and colorado. tomorrow the obamacare paid focuses on ohio with three separate events saturday dead boy back to wisconsin, iowa and virginia. new hampshire, colorado and ohio the president will stop in wisconsin, iowa and ohio. governor romney was in virginia and then both campaigns are in ohio. both campaigns in iowa on saturday at the same time romney also going to colorado and new hampshire. that is how desperate both are for the undecided vote. just one and then on the sunday schedule for mitt romney. finishing where it began at. new hampshire. the daily tracking poll has governor romney maintaining the 2.lead within a margin of error. also the new abc poll with a one point* lead there in with -- within one-tenth of one percentage point*. at the same time obama was up five points and ultimately won by 6%. 2004 rasmussen project did a victory for president bush and one by the same margin. another poll shows them both died at 36% that same po
this even as competitive as your state has become, if barack obama, ends up winning the state, it might be no small measure to what you have been doing? >> it could be, i think frankly the election will hinge on whether the people accept the last 4 yeers under president obama or think that i do we need to go in a different direction, we started our different direct here two years ago, not taxing our people more, spending within our means, not beyond. other republican governors that were elected in 2010 with me have been doing the same thing across the country. neil: that would be a kick, though, right, if turns out where, president maiden roads, -- inroads, a lot of swing states, many but not all, all republican governors. it is more than coincidental, is it not? >> i think it is, it is the vast majority of republican governors that have been able to turn this, in those areas the economy is growing, we would like to see it to know to grow, we could we need a leadership change at the top. neil: you think, that governor romney is wasting his time, as much as you love your state, he love o
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to the atlantic city area and tour atlantic city and the southeast portion of the state a bit. president obama and governor christie talking about the response of the federal government, declaring new jersey a federal disaster along with new york and connecticut. the entire tri-state area opening them up to federal programs, cutting of grants, cutting red tape. fema comments. fema is going door-to-door in neighborhoods according to the white house to find folks that may need assistance and shelters. coast guard and army corps of engineers is taking to figure out hazmat issues especially in the new york city subway tunnels or elsewhere.% places water might be contaminated. make sure they know how to remove it and what to do with it when it is removed. as far as the election, fema sells states and localities they stand ready to help if there election issues. we are six days away. as reminder on that, president obama will be out on the campaign trail, green bay, wisconsin, boulder, colorado, and las vegas. governor romney plans to continue his campaigning in virginia, roanoke, a bit of a ways tod
information that may shed light on what happened but did it happen. the state department obama administration is just not provided the document. we're doing investigation, congress will do an investigation. we deserve to have that information to get to the bottom of it. neil: with all these folks coming out, some going on the record, most off the record, these organizations saying we were trying to warn the administration, is almost as if they feel horribly guilty about what happened but they want to exonerate themselves to say we did everything we could do and we were ignored. is that the gist of it? >> if you had to summarize it, yes. we have four dead americans. love ones grieving those people. hundreds of embassies, thousands of people serving overseas. my fear is we have others in other embassies that are in very similar situations. there is a part of guilty conscience and others are mad and frustrated and disappointed the administration has been misleading the american public. if we didn't pursue this and send some letters, it scares me to think what the administration, what the obama a
go to obama anyway. the key battleground states decide the election, good news they weren't as devastated as blue states were. so the fact of the matter i don't think the storm will have much effect on the election. melissa: we'll leave it there. chris, see you later on in the show. we'll have fun with spare change. so don't go far. >>> here is our question of the day, will the government's response to the storm have an effect on your vote next week? i want to hear your. melissafrancisfox or on twitter at melissaafrancis. >>> coming up on "money", relief aid is pouring into the east coast but the u.s. is getting an offer from very unlikely source, iran. is it smoke and mirrors? we'll find out. we'll call them to see if it is real. >>> strong economic data today gives hope for recovery but does it mean a big surprise for tomorrow's crucial jobs report. we'll break it down for insight. do have too much money or too much help from iran? ♪ ♪ [ engine revs ] ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] the mercedes-benz winter event is back, with the perfect vehicle that's just rightor you,
needs to get out to voters. gerri: we have swing states showing president obama doing quite well. should we be paying attention to these things at this point? >> well, we can, and then we have to look at how they are conducted in the different ways in which they have to weigh and balance the results. you know, it is time from everyone has to do that, but we should be skeptical. here's what we do know. the fox poll has been a very good goal. abc and "washington post" is 49 and 49. this is an even race. i think obama has had a little bit of a rally in the last few days, but very little. i would say that romney had some bull market through the debate. not. there is no little bear market rally that could be for obama, little production, and the big question for me is over the next three or four days, there are two possible things that could happen. steady race to the end, obama's little rally continues, or, i think and this is most likely, the obama rallies outside. in the primary trend research itself. i've seen that happen. romney picks up two or three points over the next for five days. a
, d.c. how do you cast that election. >> sandy carve ad path in states mostly decided president obama is well ahead in connecticut, new jersey and. some officials say sandy interrupted absentee voting in number of place although the state says there will be no problems on election day. ohio polling is in margin of error and there are pouter outages. election officials say there is currently power at all voting locations. they say early voting is moving smoothly. both candidates are in the buckeye states state with a full day of campaigning today. >> got anxious and attacking me day in and day out. attacking me does not create an dend today for him. we have a plan to get the economy going. >> what the governor is offering sure ain't changed. giving more power back to the biggest banks isn't change. leaving millions without health insurance isn't change. another five trillion dollar tax cut that favors the wealthy isn't change. >> they are pitching their closing arguments for president obama, a theme of economic progress and that he needs more time to finish the job. for governor romney
supposed to be safe seats and safe states for obama, but what has happened is people have watched mitt romney, and they see a consistency of leadership and a very steady approach. they are -- those undecideds are are breaking for mitt romney. so all of a sudden, michigan, pennsylvania, iowa, minnesota, you're looking at states that i think you are going to see mitt romney with a great opportunity to win these states. charles: representative blackburn, you know, there's no doubt the first debate, you know, changed everything for mitt romney. it feels, though, that maybe the second and thirds were lost opportunities, certainly that amazing momentum that he had. you can't argue that it hasn't stalled, which brings us to this toss-up scenario. is there any sort of anxiety out there among your party that golly, you know, just maybe one thing could have been different, this would be a no-brainer right now? >> you know, i'm not so sure that saying it has stalled is the right word, charles. i think what's happened, mainstream media, all the attention has gone to the storm. but what is happenin
and look in the swing states and look at ads that i see far more obama ads, not as many romney ads. am i imagining that? >> maybe you're not, i don't know. neil: begs the next question. blitz creek. you got the ads, the money, blitz creek. what's the harm in just so many people get sick of the ads. >> well, i mean, you also run a chance of people being turned off. you do twitter, facebook, so many mentions, so many tweeting, you look at it and say tas over kill. i'm not going to look at the message because you're driving me crazy. i don't carewhat you have to say. neil: if the other guy is doing that, don't you want to get in on the crazy overdrive. >> let him do it. look, i mean, -- neil: wheres that's going to happen though, end the campaign with maybe both guys, more likely your guy leaving money on the table. >> not going to leave money on the table, no way. neil: i guarantee you there's money left over. they shouldn't, but they will. >> give bonuses to the hard working people -- neil: they can do that? >> you can gi a, when it's finished, you can pay people bonuses, thanks for worki
: intense campaigning for both candidates in highly contested states. president obama in wisconsin and nevada and colorado. mitt romney is campaigning throughout virginia criticizing the president for its latest economic plan, proposing a new cabinet position. secretary of business. >> came up with an idea last night which is to create the department of business. i don't think adding a new chair in his cabinet will help add millions of jobs on main street. rich: president obama says the position would streamline the federal government for businesses. in wisconsin the president is arguing his administration has made progress and a vote for governor romney is a vote for president george w. bush's policies. >> governor romney has been using all his talents as a salesman to dress up these very same policies that failed our country so badly. the very same policies we have been cleaning up after for the past four years. >> the candidates continue to sprint to the. election officials are insuring americans can the next week even with power outages in the contest and key swing state of ohi
. the handful of swing states see awful lot of candidates next five days. the obama campaign aides describe the campaign speeches as the first of his closing arguments stressing his administration has more work to do. the governor romney argues that the president's rhetoric makes it clear he is out of ideas. >> what you're seeing before your very eyes that the campaign is shrinking and shrinking to smaller things. he is talking about how he will save big bird and playing silly word games with my last name or first and then, attacking moo day in and day out. attacking me doesn't make an agenda. that doesn't get people back to work. >> what the governor is offering sure ain't change. giving more power back to the biggest banks isn't change. leaving millions without health insurance isn't change. >> no!. >> another $5 trillion tax cut that favors the wealthy isn't change. >> fox business has also been watching effects of hurricane sandy on the election especially in swing states. the ohio secretary of state tells us despite all power outages there all polling locations currently have power. of
are close. >> romney has the momentum. obama has to breakromney's momentum. i don't see how does that. >> romney. gerri: jason. >> and going to have to go with romney the momentum is on his side in every single swing state. gerri: all right. we will hold you to that, and if you're not right we will bring you back. thank you so much for coming on tonight. great job. i'm sorry i make fun of you. i apologize. >> it's a cake. [laughter] gerri: thanks a bunch. now we want to know what you think. here is our question. are the democrats and presence getting despere? log on to, on the right-hand side of the screen not share the results of the end of the show. more to come. we're not done, incding the trip behind today's government members on the economy. gdp, and mitt romney making his final pitch for this closing argument on the economy. reaction from the former chief economic adviser to the president. ♪ gerri: med rodney taking the president to task on the economy and a closing bids to voters in the battleground state of viola today. romney slamminpresident obama armas ad
and a closing bids to voters in the battleground state of viola today. romney slamming president obama armas added policies that have slowed our recovery while promising big change under of romney-right administration. with more on this, senior fellow for the hoover institute and former chief economic adviser to president george w. bush. welcome back to the show. always great to have you here. >> glad to be with you. gerri: i want to play a little bit of the sounds of our viewers can get a sense of the town. >> short. >> the jobs, where are the 9 million more jobs the president obama promised his stimulus would have created by. [speaking in native tongue] there in china, mexico, canada, countries that have made the sales more attractive for entrepreneurs and business and investment. even as president obama's policies have made it less attractive for them here. thing. gerri: and we have one more jobs report to come. what do you expect? is it going to help romney or the president? >> i don't think its going to make much difference at all. if you look at the picture that the economy has ben tra
state by ateo that's correct. neil: then it comes to getting your people out. >> but we have to have a and electoral college. the problem is the president obama and the democrats. except for virginia, all of these states are theirs. except for maybe pennsylvania, which i do believe is in serious play. >> so these latest numbers -- what you make of these numbers? >> they are very real. you can't have the movement attacked nationally. and not have it influence other parts. this notion that all states, that no one else matters except for the seven states, it has been imposed fantasy. the fact of the matter is that the states that have not gotten money or time i've actually moved faster. do you know why? because they haven't been poisoned. the map changes in 2008. nobody really thought that. romney needs to take advantage of this. neil: who suffers more in an environment like this? >> is about getting your people out. if people have their homes underwater or whatever, you know, wanting to vote may be important, but it becomes a lot less. i suspect a hurricane probably lowers turnout to b
everybody is back on their feet. thank you very much. [applause] >> president obama announcing he will go to new jersey tomorrow, clearly it's not a hardest hit state by hurricane standee certainly one of two. new york and new jersey under state of emergency and the president says he will go there and for the most rabid areas with chris christie, new jersey's governor and here is what. atlantic city is under water. you can see not only is the boardwalk, the famed boardwalk of atlantic city completely ruined but block after block after block hundreds and hundreds, and the first floor completely flooded. i am liz claman. count down to the closing bell begins right now and there is no closing bell because the new york stock exchange and the nymex and the nasdaq castillo's. the east coast trying to come back from the damage of hurricanes and the. every corner covered for you. when all is said and done it might be atlantic city that suffers the most. atlantic city underwater as presidents flooded out and that historic boardwalk which is a huge tourism focus under water in shambles. check this
, but the state by state breakdowns are showing that obama has the edge. stuart: i don't know how you can account for that. how can you have one candidate in the lead nationally, but behind in the key states like ohio? i don't know how that could work out, quite frankly, i don't get it. >> you're right, it can't work and that's why basically people are picking and choosing, are they going with the national or the state numbers. there's a the lot of reasons why it could be. for one thing the national pollsters have been around for a while, you know, they've got their methodology and the state polling is done by different methodologist, we'll find out november 6th who is right, but looks to me, karl rove does make a good point. when you've got ohio saying that we're going to have democrats the same turnout in 2008 when people were so excited about their candidate and so much less excited about him now. and there's no question there's a problem there. and that's the thing, every, every poll uses a different methodology. >> i don't know how you measure the intensity of your intentions to vote. i don'
their case. both kendis are putting the gloves back on. medtronic going full force and the swing state of florida today while president obama holds off until tomorrow. he is meeting with the jersey governor chris christie to tour the damage such in the wake of the storm. the columnist of the national -- national review and executive director of public knows. i'm going to start with you. i watched the press conference with chris christie and the president. let me tell you, is chris christie the governor who was supporting mitt romney or not? , a little confused. >> well, remember that he is running for reelection in 2013 in new jersey, which has not voted for republican for president in over 20 years. so it's good politics for him, and, frankly, so far he is very pleased with of the federal government has been responding to his requests for aid and assistance. 62 percent of new jersey, i lived in new jersey, is without power. that is a lot of angry potential voters if he does not get something done. so i think he is putting policy and his own politics temporarily ahead of mitt romney's.
. president bush was willing to have those negotiations as is president obama but we really can't say what the uned states should offer. i would not recommend the united states make unilateral concessions until we know and test whether iran is serious and we don't know that right now. melissa: nick, thank for coming on the show. have a great weekend. thank you. >> thank you very much. melissa: next on "money", a government audit trashes half a billion dollars worth of stimulus for green jobs. i would say our tax dollars are up in smoke but one of the program's supporters i here to disagree with me. >>> a break-through type of video messaging that hopes to give texting a run for its money. the entrepreneur behind it joins me exclusively how he plans to pull it off. do you ever have too much money or too many texts? ♪ . melissa: unless you live under a rock you know we need me jo in this country and fast. we all know the president loves grope jobs and why not? the brand new report from the labor department shows that $500 million in stimulus fund have been totally wasted on the government'
, in the swing states. romney is leading obama by 7 in ohio, and a whopping 21 among independents in virginia and 5 among independents in florida. now, some of those numbers may close up, but what it tells you is that look, races are won in the middle when you're leading by this amount and this percentage, nationally and in the swing states among independents, it looks very good for mitt romney. the other thing to look at, too, it party i.d. which gallop showed this week at a record high for republicans, romney leading 10 points in party i.d., voter i.d. stuart: is that big enough to swing the states? >> i would say 5 to 6 points, maybe not. 21, yes. romney is going to win virginia, but we're going to build on that number because according to other polls, romney is ahead maybe by 10 or 11 points so it remains to be seen on election day. stuart: would you call it now? give an opinion? >> well, i have been into a lot of the swing states, speaking at rallies and things and i can tell you, stuart, the energy is palpable on the ground and enthusiasm gap that the democrats enjoyed four years ago is
swing state voters is going down, and lendl and according to new polling data if three my next guest says this is high anxiety time for president obama. that public nor the president and sells knows what will happen with a little more than a week to go fish. here wwth more, bolster and author. welcome to the show. i want to show this poll. you know, at one point in time states like florida, ohio, and virginia to my really quite large, 10 percent, but now that is going down. what does that tell you? >> well, first of all, undecideds eventually break. and normally historical the undecideds, jerry, break toward the challenger. but maybe they're breaking a little early. still another week to go. clearly romney is in the ball game here fifth. the lead in the states is going back and forth. whenever it is, it is certainly not good news for the president. he just -- it is a time of high anxiety. he should be closing this election as an incumbent, and it does not appear to be at least not yet. gerri: the impact of the storm. out of pennsylvania, a real problem if they cannot get power back i
are in splinters and hundreds of thousands in new york city area are without power. president obama is traveling to the garden state to meet with governor chris christie and victims of the storm. that is where the storm made landfall. the president canceled a third day of campaigning to focus on coordinating the storm responds. traffic returned to the streets of manhattan as presidents returned to work in the subway system remaining crippled. could be days before service is restored. some bus service has resumed its sunday schedule. in washington d.c. the metro returned to normal weekday schedule for the first week following sandy. that is your fox news minute. connell: thank you very much. breaking news on the restoration of power since the storm. at the peak after sandy there were 8.2 million customers in different states had no power. the new number, 6.2 million without power. we're making progress slowly but surely. two million customers got their power back and bring the whole thing down state-by-state but just to give you an idea in new york there are 164,000 customers who had their power
, the storm ripping through the state seaside resort town causing massing vote -- massive flooding, billions of dollars in damages throughout the region, including the nation's largest city, new york. president obama will be touring the damages in jersey tomorrow. he will be with governor chris christie, the president cancelling campaign events for tomorrow. has not stopped president clinton, however, from playing the role of surrogate, heading the campaign trail as effectively the campaigner in chief, stopping in minnesota today for the president. for more on the impact on this election, the politics of it all and more, we are joined by ed klein, author of the new york times best-seller, the amateur, all about the obama administration. good to see you. let's start with, first, the sound that we just shared with our audience. bill clinton not really performing up to bill clinton standards. he was mocking governor romney, talking about, well, i don't know about other folks, but in arkansas we would have liked president obama to have had the power to turn back the seas yesterday. i mean, it di
is using just the resources to try to circumvent state laws on this issue. john: and he absolutely has. he has rated more of these marijuana dispensaries than bush's people did. >> i have to tell you, i like the early obama there. it is a huge waste of mney. we kid to a thousand better things of that. john: why is he a hypocrite? >> you know, i think he has bowed to poitical pressure on it. i think that -- i hope in the second term you will come around and do a better job. let's uni pressure him on it because that is really the biggest waste out there, that failed war on drugs. the real words are a big expense as well. it is good we can agree on something. john: thank-you, ellis henican. stay with us. the audience will quiz you later. coming up, i want to trash mitt romney. ann coulter is here to defend ♪ [applause] john: several years ago i heard mitt romney speak at the manhattan institute, and i was thrilled. this guy and a stance market free markets, cares about limiting government. finally, a politician who understands that too much regulation kills opportunity. but then the officia
>> what am not going to be doing is using just the resources to try to circumvent state laws on this issue. john: and he absolutely has. he has ratedmore of these marijuana dispensaries than bush's people did. >> i have to tell you, i like the early obama there. it is a huge waste of money. we kid to a thousand better things of that. john: why is he a hypocrite? >> you know, i think he has bowed to political pressure on it. i think that -- i hope in the second term you will come around and do a better job. let's uni pressure him on it because that is really the biggest waste out there, that failed war on drugs. the real words are a big expense as well. it is good we can agree on something. john: thank-you, ellis henican. stay with us. the audience will quiz you later. coming up, i want to trash mitt romney. people really love snapshot from progressive, but don't just listen to me. listen to these happy progressive customers. i plugged in snapshot, and 30 days later, i wasaving big on car insurance. with snapshot, i knew what i could save before i switched to progressive. the better i drive
, more of the same. dennis: president obama spends all day in the buckeye state. back to you. cheryl: more breaking news continuing into fox business. fema now arriving in staten island. let's go back to the latest there. cheryl: this is national guard distributing supplies to people who need party, and they set this up about 10 minutes ago. the bunch of people taking not only taking supplies, but the police officers who are here and some national guardsmen have been carrying the what are for them back thei back to their hos waiting for the cleanup crew that will be coming as well. sanitation department, it's nice to take on the garbage but this is the distribution area where people are able to get water. we saw fema trucks to the north meeting with people who can start filing claims. this right over here, this was set up for the people of this area with no running water, no electricity, no nothing. cheryl: thank you very much. flooding is still plaguing the northeast with water contamination but becoming a very real issue. aqua america in the united states the majority of half a mil
. a busy blitz of key swing state visits of a the next couple of days. covering all of these events, including what president obama is up to. it is safe to say that neither of these guys are going to be sleeping for the next few days. obviously the operative few words. red bull.@7 neil: all right. back to my friends, and had to call my friends in staten island because i have so many who live there and work there. a couple of staff members who are part of that fine barrault, but this story particularly intrigued me. you might have heard about this big marathon that was being planned, the new york marathon days after the storm. a lot of folks, are you kidding me? you are bringing in all of these supplies imported bodies and water and food and generators for these marathon runners wen people are hurting and screaming. well, this fellow ticket to another level. the owner of the hilton garden inn in s.i. and he refused to kick out stranded residents to make room for marathon runners. and that just had to get in here, and i am glad that i did. very good to have you. >> hello. thank you fo
voting is widely interrupted. >> early voting a big part of president obama's re-election campaign. we're looking here at key battleground states in sandy's path. two of them, pennsylvania and new hampshire, they don't have any early voting. so not even an issue with those two but in a state like virginia where we do have early absentee voting it is having an impact. the state of virginia closing 20 polling places today because of bad weather. advising local registrars in precincts try to keep offices where they can in this storm but we're hearing talk of generators. now the president's campaign and mitt romney's isrupt ited by all the bad weather. both of them canceling and skipping events today. the president returning here to the white house to meet with his emergency response team in the white house situation room this morning and to oversee the crisis response. afterwards he briefed reporters who asked him if he is worried about the storms disrupting the election next week? >> i'm not worried at this point about the impact on the election. i'm worried about the impact on families
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